A Solution for the Distance Educational Institute - Educational Administration Portal

The scope of the project will be to manage

  • The complete life cycle of a student, study center in AeU India
  • To manage all document related to this student, study centers and examination centers.
  • To manage all the financial transactions of this entire process
  • Various Analytical reports for the users and top managers

The project scope comprises of

  • Creation of various levels of users with different level of access system through a system generated global admin user
  • Creation of a prospective student and managing his educational and financial transaction till they complete their studies
  • Validation of the prospectís eligibility by applying rules set by AeU India to convert this prospect into a student
  • Suggesting the fee required for the corresponding courses with an exact system defined percentage to both AeU India and the corresponding study center
  • Creation of the existing students into the system with all their details
  • Ability to upload the scanned copy of studentís documents
  • Ability to warn the study center user, if a particular document is missing or not uploaded in the system
  • Reconciliation Statement to update and monitor the students payment history
  • Sending various alert messages for respective users as well as the top level managers regarding the various state of affairs
  • Ability to generate various types of MIS reports by the management
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