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Navigate IT Solutions (P) Ltd. has gained clients across the globe and is known for efficiency with ethics. We extend value driven human resource solutions to our clients by way of business partnering. Our Focus – IT, ITES

NITS appreciates the volatility of the IT, ITES business cycles and regularly manages staffing flows in accordance with industry demand. In this way, our clients are guaranteed a workforce of optimum size and cost against each of their differing projects.

We have placed candidates across diversified positions in different domains like: SAP, Microsoft Dynamics, Oracle etc., and also positions like Secretary, Technical Clerk, Chartered Accountants and other positions in Finance/Admin department for our other clients.

The Process
NITS’ executive search process begins with extensive evaluation of our client need. We believe that we can only be successful to the extent that we are able to understand your operations, corporate culture and business strategy. We invest time up front insuring that we understand our clients.

We work closely with our client to arrive at a thorough understanding of the organization, business and the specifications of the position to be filled. Job specifications include title, department definition, reporting structure, detailed job responsibilities, experience and qualifications the vacancy is calling for and details of compensation.

Once prepared, a draft of the job specification is submitted in writing to our consultant team for approval. It is imperative that the job specification reflects a clear understanding and agreement between the client and our consultant before proceeding. When the job specification is finalized, the intensive search phase of the search commences. We start with an all-inclusive recruitment plan with a comprehensive target list, with reference to an extensive industry research and networking. Based on research well underway, we contact prospective candidates by telephone and begin screening interested and promising candidates.

Personal interview ensue in parallel with thorough reference checking activities. Our consultants regularly report their progress and, at some agreed-upon point, present a strong candidate pool to our clients. Client interviews are arranged with, normally, with the best two or three prospects. Our consultants will prepare the client and the candidates prior to the interviews and may attend the interviews if appropriate. After the successful candidate has agreed to accept the offer – and when candidate and client have agreed to acceptable terms – most executive firms will consider the dynamic aspect of the search effort has completed.

NITS goes one step further – to monitor the resignation process of the successful candidate.

We find it particularly useful here as counter offers from the existing employers will normally come into picture at this stage for good candidates. A tactful monitoring of the resignation process will minimize the risk of the successful candidate not reporting duty, and all parties’ concern need to restart the search process again.

The Relationship Key
ITS is not just a ‘Resume Supplying Agency’. We bring objectivity and feedback to management.

Our consultants interact with the candidates even after placement and collect their feedback and pass it on to our clients who were in continuous appreciation of the same. Feedback is our relationship key, since human face is very important, since we believe that only this could help us to identify and retain the efficient candidate with highest ethical standards. Confidentiality

Organizations with an opening in their executive ranks are vulnerable. Whether for an existing position to be filled, or a position newly created by downsizing or market opportunity, the hiring process must be strictly confidential. Confidentiality can keep competitors from being tipped off to management shake-ups, new product and market initiatives, and can protect against employee, stockholder, and supplier apprehension.

NITS’ consultants value the highly sensitive information they become privy to during the search process. We are acutely aware and respectful of our client's vulnerability.

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